Annex 1 : Crimes Against Humanity

Massive crimes against humanity

In Syria, since the Assad regime started suppressing the Arab Spring inspired democracy movement, crimes against humanity are committed on a systematic manner and on a scale never seen in the Eurasian region since the invasion of Russia by Adolf Hitler.

The moment Putin took factual leadership of Assad’s military campaign in September 2015, the scale and intensity of those crimes only worsened.

Assad, Putin and their military allies are held accountable for 90 % of the crimes against humanity committed in Syria.

As a result of those crimes, according to French medics up to 1 million people perished and 10 million people were turned into refugees, causing Europe’s biggest human disaster and refugee crisis since World War 2.

Documented crimes against humanity, committed by Putin’s and Assad’s troops and their military allies in the wake of the total war strategy (see Annex 2), without pretending to list all of them, are :

* famine as weapon of war : whole cities and regions are under siege, deprived from food, drinking water and medical aid. Hundreds of thousands of people are under threat of dead by starvation.
* systematic hampering of humanitarian aid convoys so that food, water or medical aid does not reach in time or does not reach at all those in need
* systematic bombing of places where people get food : market places, bakeries
* systematic bombing of hospitals in East‐Aleppo and elsewhere
* systematic bombing of water production facilities and electric stations
* bombing of schools
* bombing of aid convoys and facilities
* the use of indiscriminate weapons that terrorize the civilian population and cause widespread destruction : bunker buster bombs, barrel bombs, cluster munition, thermite bombs, napalm, chemical weapons…
* double‐tap attacks : after bombing a certain area, bombing a second time the relief workers

Documented crimes against humanity in the wake of the extermination of the Syrian political opposition :

* the Nazi concentration camp style murdering of thousands of opposition members (see Annex 3)