Annex 3 : Nazi Concentration Camps

Nazi Concentration Camp Style Crimes

One of the main causes of dead in the Nazi concentration camps was malnutrition and maltreatment.

In 2014, documents were smuggled out of Syria, proving that the Assad regime had turned prisons into actual concentration camps, killing opponents on an almost industrial scale in similar conditions.

The documents were named after the code name of the Syrian defector of the Assad regime who smuggled them out : the Caesar-files.

They contain pictures of at least 6786 victims who died in a 2 years time span between 2011 and 2013.

For a more detailed discussion, please read the report of Human Rights Watch, If the Dead Could Speak, Mass Deaths and Torture in Syria’s Detention Facilities, here :

Amnesty International published a report on August 18, 2016 documenting the killing of more than 17000 political prisoners. Please read the report of Amnesty International, Torture, Disease and death in Syria’s Prisons, here :