Annex 5 : European Politicians

The Possible European Political Facilitators

The incredible scale of crimes against humanity committed in Syria is well documented and known by all political responsible actors in Europe.

It is also known that these cruelties could not have been committed without the massive military and financial support of Putin.

What is lesser known is, that Putin himself could not have engaged in two wars (Ukraine and Syria) without the enormous financial contribution from Europe.

Europe finances through its gas and oil trade with Russia 35 % of the Russian Federal Budget, and through this has like no other entity impact on Putin and Russia.

If Europe would have shut down the financial streams to Russia, the wars in Syria and Ukraine would probably already have been finished or a political solution found.

But Europe and its leaders refuse to take any measure to put pressure on Putin to stop the war and crimes against humanity in Syria.

On the European Foreign Affairs Council meeting of October 17, 2016, contrary to public declarations and neglecting completely the increase in previous months of documented war crimes and crimes against humanity, not one European country asked officially to take sanctions against Russia for its under Putin forced role in Syria.

Some argue that Europe depends for its gas and oil supply on Russia, and for this reason cannot act.
This is however a very poor argument. There is enough oil and gas supply on world markets. If at all, an import stop for Russian oil and gas would have only triggered minor short term shortages.

Our conclusion is strait forward :

In the light of the massive scale of the crimes against humanity committed in Syria, the measures taken by the European Union and/or the governments of its member states, were not commensurate to the emergency and the scale of the crimes committed.

Since the failure of the European Union to react does not exempt the individual governments from their responsibilities, we call upon the International Criminal Court to investigate and eventually prosecute the cited European political leaders for their possible complicity to those crimes for reason of criminal omission.