Frequently Asked Questions

*Why should I sign as European, American, Asian, Sub-Saharan African or Oceanian ?

Firstly to give a strong sign that in the 21st century we cannot accept that crimes against humanity amounting to genocide can take place, without bringing to justice the perpetrators. This will put world peace and respect for human rights and democracy everywhere on the world in jeopardy.

Secondly to give a strong sign to politicians and businessmen from the industrialized countries that crimes against humanity cannot be offset by commercial interests.

*Why what is happening in Syria is of utmost importance to North-Africans or Middle-Easterners ?

Because when the democracy movement in Syria is destroyed, any democratic and human rights improvement in the rest of North-Africa or the Middle-East is in danger.

* Why Syria ? Why not any other conflict ? There are so many conflicts ?

Firstly because Syria is the first conflict of the 21st century in the Eurasian region in which crimes against humanity amounting to genocide have been committed.

Secondly because the conflict has been very well documented.

Thirdly because several parties to the conflict have signed the conventions that constitute International Humanitarian Law, which gives a greater chance to prosecution.

* Why the petition to be signed is only in English and not in another language ?

We want to prevent that people sign the petition multiple times, by signing it in different languages.