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Keep The Syrian Petition Going

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Since keeping The Syrian Petition going is too time-consuming as that we could continue on a voluntary basis, we need to professionalize.

Only this way we stand a chance to build up a movement that will enable us to make the petition a success and to sue those directly or indirectly responsible for the genocidal massacre in Syria.

At this stage we are at the Start-Up stage of our movement !

The minimal budget that we have to collect in order to assure a beginning professionalization is 95.000 €/$ . These are peanuts compared to the budgets of millions of dollars/euro the big NGO’s are working with.

That budget will enable us to engage for 1 year 1 to 1.5 persons, who can dedicate their full time to the expansion of the movement.

Part of the Start Up stage will also be the move from a non-for-profit unincorporated association to a non-for-profit incorporated association.

Once the start-up stage passed, in order to proceed with stages 2 and 3, we will use your financial support :

* to further professionalize the organization (necessary for coordination of the Support Committees)

* to improve our website

* to publish printed material

* to organize information evenings

* to work on the legal case

We will give you :

* transparency : we will inform you about the funds collected, and the evolution and nature of our expenditures

* we are a capped NGO (see : organization), which guarantees a lean organization

For how long ?

We foresee that this struggle might last between 3 and 5 years.

Dynamic evolution of the financial needs :

The financial needs will change through time depending on the growth of the organization and the legal actions taken. So please check our website from time to time or subscribe to it, so you will be informed automatically.

What will happen to the left-over funds, once the organization stops to exist ?

The funds that have not been used will go to a NGO, that is pro-democracy and pro respect of human rights and has one of the following objectives : the rebuild of Syria, the help to Syrian refugees, the help to victims of the Syrian war or the improvement of democracy and respect for human rights in Syria. This NGO should preferably be capped and non-ethnically, non-politically and non-religiously affiliated. This is important, because all Syrians became victim of the suppression of the Arab Spring, Sunni’s, Shia’s, Christians, Atheists, Druze, Kurds…

Though we do not know exactly if and how we will be able to organize it, but we are considering to let the supporters decide on which project the left-over money will be spent. We will try to make 5 propositions. And the money will be divided proportionally among the projects : a project that will get 10 % of the votes will get 10 % of the money.

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