Two Main Objectives :

1. To effectively sue those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

We will not be able to sue all of the perpetrators we have listed, because not all countries have signed the international agreements that constitute International Humanitarian Law.

But some countries have and their responsible leaders willingly and knowingly probably committed Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes for reason of criminal omission.

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2. To send a very strong message that we want a different world.

To send a very strong message we have to become one of the biggest petitions ever.

The world we want is a world where dictators cannot drawn in blood and destruction the craving for democracy and respect for human rights of their peoples and where politicians and business leaders do not offset crimes against humanity against commercial interests.

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In order to achieve those objectives we have to :

3. Create a movement :

We need the movement to enable us to inform an as huge as possible public correctly and create public support.

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4. Collect funds :

We need the funds for the legal action we want to undertake and to build up the movement.

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