Organizational Principles

“Our proof of independence : we call ALL important responsible leaders by name, no one else does !”

The initiative for this movement was taken by the FV The Syrian Petition, a not-for-profit, and at this stage not incorporated association. See also our Imprint.

1. Ideology

Our only departure point are ethical values which originate from the principles of humanity as enshrined in Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Humanism.

We do not have any hidden agenda :

* no anarchistic

* no revolutionary socialist

* no Islamistic

* no anti-imperialistic

We reject conspiracy theories because they are an offense against the principles of humanity and in religious sense a sin.

2. We are a capped NGO

At this stage our organization is turning for 100 % on volunteers.

The work is too intense and time consuming as that we can go on like this. We have to professionalize.

The idea of creating a capped NGO comes from the circumstance, that some big NGO’s pay wages to their board of directors that can easily compete with those of big commercial companies, and in some cases exceed largely the income of elected parliamentarian representatives.

We find this a slap in the face of all those donating in good fate. A NGO should not be a milking cow.

Though we agree to the fact that talented people are entitled to a fair renumeration, we think that modesty is an ethical value to be cherished, and that is why we invented the idea of the capped NGO.

The characteristics of a capped NGO are :

* transparency through open book keeping, with public detailed list of the expenses and wages paid

* capped wages

* no hidden remunerations

* no unfavorable contracts with befriended/related service providers or suppliers

3. We are 100 % independent

Many NGO’s and almost all religious organizations depend for their work in one or the other way on government money. This explains why in their reports and actions they behave like real diplomats. It also explains why some criticisms are one sided. Those NGO’s or religious organizations receiving money from Turkey or Saudi-Arabia for example, will accuse the West, but will keep quiet about the involvement of their sponsors. From the other side, those NGO’s receiving money from European countries will not openly accuse European leaders. We will.